Autumn Leaves

As I watch the leaves fall from trees, smell their decay, and hear them blowing around the ground, I am reminded of renewal.

So many of us make inglorious attempts lasting days, maybe weeks, in January. Often times there is a resurgence of similar efforts, come spring and the threat of the impending swim suit season. These failed attempts can leave some pretty hard blows to our self confidence in ever reaching our goal.


As Autumn settles in and we prepare to settle in for what could be a brutally cold winter, now is the perfect time to set up healthy habits to last through the coming months. Putting ourselves a step ahead of drastic New Year’s Resolution we already dread.

Leaves may be falling, dead and decaying, but this end of nature’s growing season should be a reminder that we have the chance to start fresh every day.


A fresh start can mean many different things, to different people. Even different things for the same person on different days. What’s important to you today? Exercise, relaxation, good food, good friends?

Don’t let another Autumn fall away.

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