I love adventure, as often as I can get it! I love to be active, to explore new places and feel fully alive. I embrace confidence in new situations and let myself enjoy moments.

This is now. This was not then. Then was not like this at all…

Then was hitting the snooze button for HOURS, not minutes.

Then was not having the energy to get a work out in. For weeks or months at a time!

Then was feeling fat, hopeless, and wanting to give up.

Then I could barely muster to be a functioning human being in this world and I was ready to give up on the idea that I could ever feel good again.

Then was a time of no energy, of poor food choices-even through I knew better- I had a sense of desperation to feel better even if it was only momentary and fueled by something that would actually lead me to feel much worse, much longer.

Then was not fitting into any of my clothes, but refusing to get new ones and admit defeat in this body I was not happy in.

Then was feeling down right lousy in both a physical and emotional sense.

Then one day I had enough. Enough feeling fat and fatigued and I was fed up!

I decided I did want to fight for my body, my energy, my waistline, my happiness. I went back to school to earn my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and healed myself along the way.

I used my clinical nutrition education and paired that with my health promotion/wellness Bachelors and coaching certificates to love myself in a whole person way that allowed myself to heal and to begin to thrive.

I fit into my “skinny jeans” today and feel especially confident now to walk out of the house each day. You can have your dream body and life too!

I empower people to live their life for optimal health and happiness.

I help people lose weight, feel incredible, get their adventurous side back and stay there!

In my programs, I work with people in a completely personalized way. There is no “one size fits all” here and you probably already have tried those programs and know they don’t work (you’ve gained the weight back). That’s because you are a whole person and you have your own goals, preferences, lifestyle and responsibilities to balance.

I get to balance my clinical nutrition expertise and health coaching to give each client a unique experience and guide them on their journey to health, happiness, and those skinny jeans!

My programs offer personalized nutrition planning, physical activity routines, and even looks at things like stress and sleep. You get weekly support, accountability and resources to move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you.

You’ll actually enjoy the journey to becoming a health, happy, ideal YOU!

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